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Cold weather … clearing snow and ice

February 8, 2010

Charlynne Pullen, Paul Convery and Rupert Perry clear ice from the pavement

9th January 2010

Frustrated by Islington Council’s failure to clear treacherous snow and ice, Labour Councillors Paul Convery and Rupert Perry took out spades and broom to clear from Caledonian Road pavements on Saturday morning, January 9th.

Joined by Charlynne Pullen and other Labour volunteers, they cleared rock-hard ice from the bus stop at the junction of Caledonian Road and Offord Road.

Labour’s Caledonian team criticised Islington Council which left pavements along Caledonian Road thick with ice.

Charlynne said “Hardly any pavements down the Caledonian Road were gritted or cleared during the cold snap. Hundreds of vulnerable residents have braved these dangerous conditions or have been trapped at home – like mums with toddlers and many older people. It’s another example of this part of the Borough getting ignored by the Town Hall. By comparison, anyone walking down Upper Street would hardly guess it was winter”.

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