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Wharfedale Road is included in Caledonian Ward’s 20mph zone

March 13, 2010

Wharfdale Road – traffic speeds should reduce on this mainly residential street

Every single road and side street in this ward – with the exception of two main roads, Caledonian Road and York Way – will now be included in a groundbreaking 20 mph Zone. And that includes Wharfdale Road.

The Council has just issued the formal statutory notices which will lead to the Zone being introduced just weeks from now.

There was all-party support to introduce 20mph limits on Islington roads when this was debated at a full meeting of Islington Council last year. A consultation exercise was completed across the Borough and the outcome for the 4 western wards was reported to the West Area Committee in September.

However, the Council came under great pressure from Transport for London not to include Wharfdale Road because it forms part of the (much hated) gyratory around the north side of Kings Cross.

So, Caledonian Councillors moved an amendment to a scheme that was drawn-up by the Council’s transport planners. The vote went our way (actually it was unanimous) and Wharfdale Road is included in the zone.

Even on the 20 mph limits, Islington’s traffic engineers are still trying to sabotage the policy arguing that, as the limits are not self-enforcing (i.e. no physical measures like speed bumps) they are either costly (you need cameras or police etc to enforce) or ineffective. There is a significant distinction between 20 mph “Zones” and roads that have 20mph “limits”. For a “Zone” you need to implement physical speed reduction measures; but roads that have “limits” do not.

On the Camden side of the border there is growing pressure to introduce a 20mph zone too. And many local people would like it to include parts of the southern KX gyratory which includes dense residential streets.

But everyone knows that TfL and Camden’s officials seem to adore these gyratories. They are fixated by a belief that their life mission is to protect vehicle flow by maintaining traffic speeds. Pedestrian safety and a good living environment don’t seem terribly important to TfL and Camden’s highway planners.

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  1. Bill Derbyshire permalink
    March 29, 2010 3:53 pm

    This sounds very good on paper as i am partially blind but I have 1 question…How are you going to implement this 20mph speed limit, you cannot have cameras on every street to photograph offenders.

  2. April 30, 2010 8:29 pm

    How will this 20 MPH be inforced. Do you have speed cameras in place?

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