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“Choudhury Mansions” – demolition will go ahead

February 20, 2011

Neighbouring residents have welcomed the decision to forcibly demolish these apartments that were erected in 2006 without planning permission

A notorious block of flats on Pembroke Street will be demolished after an Appeal Inspector backed the Council’s refusal to grant planning permission.

The long running saga of “Choudhury Mansions” began in 2001 and has now come to an end. For over 4 years, Cally Labour Councillors have repeatedly opposed any granting of retrospective planning permission for the grim block of sub-standard apartments.

Local Councillors urged the appeal Inspector to back the Council and uphold an earlier ruling that the building should be demolished.

Construction began in early 2006 but the new building did not match the plans originally granted four years earlier. After pressure from local Councillors, Islington’s planning officers began enforcement action.

In 2008, the owner tried to get planning permission to regularise the building as constructed but this was refused and Islington issued a demolition order on the building. The owner appealed and lost. A first appeal Inspector upheld the demolition order but offered a final “chink of light” to the owner.

So the Council invited him to submit further plans to reconstruct the building in ways that would meet the Council’s planning policies. But the eventual redesign blatantly ignored the Council’s planning policies and the Council rejected the application last September. The Appeal inspcctor agreed with the Council on 2 of its 3 substative grounds for refusal.

Cllr Rupert Perry is a previous chair of planning and he says “This developer erected the shoddiest building in our neighbourhood and thought he could get away with it. No developer should think Islington Council’s planning policies can be ignored. We are no soft touch. We want affordable housing built to family-sized dimensions. And we require the highest standards of design and amenity space. Cally Councillors are vigilant for any and every abuse of the planning system and we warn all rogue developers they will not get away with blatant abuse of this kind.”

The Inspector’s appeal decision can be downloaded by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 24, 2011 9:59 am

    I made the mistake of living here.

    This building is an absolute nightmare, with things breaking every day, the standard of workmanship wa absolutely appalling, with over bed cupboards even falling on people I knew in other flats.

    The day before I moved out 7 big tiles fell off the Walls in the bathroom, thankgod I wasn’t in there as it could have fallen on my head and killed me.

    The flooring all came up, with the landlord not doing anything about it.

    I was glad to leave this building, and it should definitely be knocked down and started again, shame on the developers, the landlord, and any estate agents associated with it.

    • Ben Weisz permalink
      June 6, 2014 4:57 pm

      Hi Anonymous – just on the offchance you read this, I’m a BBC journalist keen to speak to you confidentially about your experiences. If you see this, please drop me an email on


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