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Bunning Way … it’s still a mess

February 8, 2010

24th January 2010

Oh dear ... we've been here before: Paul, Rupert, Lisa and Dan Fox doing a DIY clear-up in April 2006

Keeping Bunning Way clean and tidy is a continuing problem. Charlynne, Paul and Rupert have now made sure that hotspots of dumping and refuse build-up have been cleared away. And we are also taking action to stop the problems re-emerging.

Sadly, none of this is new, we have to admit. Back in 2006, Paul, Rupert and Lisa Spall joined active local resident, Dan Fox, to cart off a huge mass of garbage and dumped items from the estate. Over the past 3 years, the problems kept returning. And we kept on getting the Council to undertake clean-ups.

After a “walk-around” with the Council’s streetscene manager, Rupert has got the Council to sort out the bin stores – where poorly designed storage areas are too small to accommodate the “Euro” bins lodged in them.

Dan Fox was so fed-up he organised a dump-in on the Town Hall steps with Emily Thornberry

As a result, residents cannot open the bins andlarge amounts of black sacks just get dumped next to the bins. Notsurprisingly, rodents, birds, cats, foxes all tear their way into these sacks with predictable messy results.

What’s the cause of these problems? Mainly it’s because the estate is managed by many different organisations.

There are two separate housing associations involved and the privately owned houses and flats are managed by several different property companies that own the freeholds.

The paths between the terraced, self contained houses are also managed by another maintenance company.

Finally, there is an old agreement which requires Homes for Islington to clear away the several communal lumber stores at the western end of the estate.

Rupert checks out the problem - these bins don't fit the storage area

We have now got Council officers to draw up a definitive list of the different owners and managers of the estate and we will shortly be convening a meeting of all these parties to make sure they all understand the problems and what they need to do jointly (and with the Council) to keep the estate clean in the future.

The cleared-out binstore

UPDATED: 12-2-10

Rupert and Paul toured the estate with the Council’s street environment manager on Monday 8th February. The problem binstore was completely cleared out by the Council’s contractors on Friday 12th February. The bins now fit into the storage area.

There has also been some progress in drawing-up a definitive list of the different organisations with management responsibilities for the estate. As chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, Paul will shortly conve a meeting with all these organisations to hammer out a who-does-what agreement to keep the estate clear of dumping, lumber and garbage build-up.

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