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Unemployment is now falling in Caledonian Ward

March 1, 2010

The worst of the recession is over according to the latest unemployment figures for Caledonian Ward. Significantly, the jobless total has peaked at less than half the total recorded during the last recession.

However, we still have more than 500 residents in this ward who rely on Jobseeker’s Allowance until they find another job. Over the last year, typically each month, about 80 people lose their jobs … but roughly the same number find a job and leave the jobless register. Hopefully, as the recovery strengthens, more people will be signing-off and rather fewer signing-on.

Cllr Paul Convery says “we have just experienced the deepest recession in living memory. Thankfully it has not resulted in the same kind of record unemployment that we saw in the 1980s and 1990s.This recession has caused terrible uncertainty and financial hardship for thousands of people in this neighbourhood. But unemployment here has peaked at just half the level we saw in the mid 1990s. I vividly recall both dreadful recessions during the years of Conservative Government. Their legacy was a generation of long term unmeployed, wrecked communities and a scarred generation of young people who could not find work for years.”

However, the Cally Council team argues there is much more to be done locally. Charlynne Pullen says that we need a crash programme of training and job creation. “As a first start, we need to help the hundreds of families in our neighbourhood who were jobless even before the recession arrived. We need to find help for the young people who have left school without the kind of qualifications that employers increasingly demand. We should make sure the Council finds apprenticeships and permanent jobs for hundreds of local young people – especially jobs with the Council’s contractors and the construction companies that the Town Hall hands out multi-million pound contracts to.”

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