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Teenage girl found dead in Outram Place

March 5, 2010

Throughout our neighbourhood there is a sense of profound shock following the death of a local teenage girl. There has been intense police activity since the afternoon of Thursday 4th March in Outram Place and surrounding streets. The police named 16 year old Jessie Wright as the victim who was found at about 3.30pm on Thursday. Her family, many friends and neighbours are grieving their loss.

The identity of the man being held was known to many people locally. His home was being examined by police forensic officers over the weekend. A post-mortem was held on Friday with the cause of death reported as being compression of the neck. The Police are still not fully certain about the circumstances of her death and a spokesman for the Met Police has said that “an open mind is being kept as regards a motive.”

The body was found behind the block of flats at 21-36 Outram Place which is a secluded area now mainly used by HfI for storage. The whole area was sealed off for several days. Several specialist police squads are in the area still and PCSOs and PCs from several Safer Neighbourhood Teams have been undertaking reassurance visits throughout the estate. A leaflet appealing for witnesses has been distributed throughout the neighbourhood.

Councillor Paul Convery says “This is a traumatic incident for our neighbourhood. When a young life is taken pointlessly on our streets, we are all deeply disturbed and distressed by it. Everyone’s sympathies and prayers go out to Jessie’s family, neighbours and her friends.”

Detectives urged anyone with information about her last known whereabouts to contact them and they are also appealing for any information about any person behaving suspiciously around Outram Place. Anyone with information should call the incident room on 020 8345 2985 or the anonymous Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111.

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  1. Fed -up local tenant!! permalink
    March 8, 2010 3:57 pm

    Thats two murders in the past couple of years , just a stones throw away from each other. Do you not agree that the council should stop wasting money on building things for the yobs (BINGFIELD PARK-just to hang around and be more of a nuisance than they alreday are!!!) and use the money on instaling CCTV instead!!!!
    How many murders, nuisance behaviour, fires, stolen bike rides , etc….. do we have to put up with here.
    Stop wasting money and install cameras now ! We have to pay enough Council tax, why not use it properly !!!!

  2. March 8, 2010 4:14 pm

    Local councillors have demanded more CCTV throughout the area and one spot we identified was Crumbles Castle / Bingfield Street as a high priority. The Town Hall refused to fund it and, instead, allocated the available money to Barnsbury Street/Liverpool Road (because the Lib Dem leader of the Council fixed it that way) and places like the junction of Market Road and Caledonian Road because they can catch more motorists jumping lights there. We were furious about this. The Lib Dem people running the Council right now have no idea of the sort of pressures in this area. What’s more they have a “philosophical opposition” to CCTV saying that it breaches civil liberties. Even more annoying, we also have organisations like Guinness Housing Trust who were required to put-up CCTV in the new Naish Court (Wellington Square) but they haven’t been bothered to actually hook-up the cameras and switch them on.

  3. March 24, 2010 1:25 pm

    As i understand it this horrible murder took place in the yard at the top of the outram buildings just off randells road.

    there is a huge CCTV mast in that yard, which didn’t seem to deter anyone

  4. March 25, 2010 10:44 am

    We’re not suggesting that CCTV would deter a crime of this gravity. After all, the probable punishment may not be a deterrent either. Murders are not committed rationally.

    In this context, the argument about CCTV is different. The evidence shows that CCTV does deter other types of crime. And it provides evidence for prosecution too. It is one of several proven tools to combat anti-social behaviour. There is however a connection between ASB and the murder of Jessie Wright. We cannot say explicitly what it is. But the whole neighbourhood knows it. The sub judice rules prohibit discussion along these lines. And the last thing anyone wants is to compromise the prosecution of this case. This is exactly the argument I outlined at the Safer Neighbourhood Panel last Thursday and all present knew what I meant and nodded their assent.

    [comment authored by Cllr Paul Convery]

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