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Tackling anti-social behaviour on Boston and Nailour Estate

March 22, 2010

Action is now being taken against a group of teenage boys causing trouble on Boston and Nailour. The two estates (just off Caledonian Road opposite Pentonville Prison) have experienced persistent anti-social behaviour over recent months. The worst offenders have already been identified and action taken against them. Extra patrols by the police and “Park Guard” have been allocated to the estates and Councillors have backed the police request for extra resource for covert surveillance and “professional witness” action.

The Labour Councillor team encountered these lads a couple of weeks ago when door-knocking on the estate on a wet evening. A dozen were “amusing” themselves in the lobby of Skegness House before moving on to the ground floor at Kelby House. They got into the estate because the security system had failed and street level doors were permanently unlocked.

The Councillors identified some of the youths and asked the police team and Homes for Islington (HfI) staff to quickly get on the case. Now HfI has confirmed that a couple of the youths are from Camden and that Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (“ABC”) will be enforced there.  Two other identified teenagers live with their parents as tenants of a Housing Association which will now consider issuing a notice to repossess if their behaviour does not improve. Parents of a fifth identified youth are due a visit from police and Council officers to draw-up an ABC. ** HfI also responded quickly to fix the defective door-entry system and the main doors to each block are now secure.

Councillor Rupert Perry said “we personally witnessed the yobbish behaviour of these teenagers the other evening and we promised residents on the estates that action will be taken against them. We also ended-up having a vigorous ‘debate’ with these lads about their intimidation, vandalism and other criminal behaviour. We challenged them why they act the way they do. Once you scratch the surface, it’s clear they are frustrated about the difficulties faced in getting a job; and they are fed-up because there are so few organised activities for them. That’s why we are determined to get firm action where necessary backed-up by making sure that kids in this area get a good range of youth facilities.”

** Acceptable Behaviour Contracts are voluntary agreements between parents of offending youths and the Council. They set out behavioural standards that the parents agree to enforce. Failure to stick to an ABC can result in further criminal action or proceedings for an ASBO.

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