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Let’s make sure on-street alcohol drinking gets banned

April 5, 2010

Part of the proposed alcohol exclusion zone

We are getting closer to having an alcohol exclusion zone around Kings Cross.  But public support is needed to make sure it happens. Local councillors urge members of the public to respond to a public consultation by April 16th.

In January, we reported the success in getting the bottom of Caledonian Road included in the “Clerkenwell” alcohol exclusion area. A zone was originally planned which would have banned street drinking around Kings Cross but would probably have simply shifted street drinkers across Pentonville Road and into Grimaldi Park and the lower Cally Road. Most areas on the other side of our border with Camden already have exclusion zones.

Final approval of the zone will be taken by the Council following public consultation. When the new powers are adopted, Police Officers and some Police Community Support Officers can order people to stop drinking alcohol in public places.  Failure to obey an order can result in a £50 on-the-spot penalty or they may be arrested and fined up to £500. The police can also confiscate alcohol.

The order does not ban all drinking in public places (e.g. people having a quiet drink outside a pub) but the police may use the power where they believe that alcohol-related nuisance and annoyance is likely to occur.

You can read the full consultation documents on the Council website by clicking here. Alternatively, just send an email to saying that you support the “Designated Public Place Order” (DPPO).”

Cally Councillors have worked to get this part of our ward included in the zone. So we are urging members of the public to support this initative by taking part in the consultation.

Charlynne Pullen says “we were door-knocking this week in the area and residents are very keen to see this new power adopted.  Many people are worried that street drinkers will move up from a trouble spot around Vernon Square and Percy Circus and end up in Grimaldi Park. A group of street drinkers already regularly gathers in two spots – on the corner of Omega Place and Caledonian Road; and outside the Tesco store on the corner of Caledonian Road and Caledonia Street.”

Some local residents were perplexed two months ago to see a Lib Dem leaflet claiming that the exclusion zone had already come into force earlier in the year. The leaflet bizarrely asserted that “the streets have been quieter since the controlled drinking area was introduced”.

Paul Convery adds “Lib Dem leaflets are notoriously inaccurate and this is a familiar example of a lack of local knowledge coupled with a tendency to claim credit for everything.”

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  1. sean murray permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:03 am

    The e-mail address to regsiter our support appears to be incorrect ( ) It is prompting an undeliverable message. Sean

  2. Joe fd permalink
    April 7, 2010 4:21 pm

    I’ll support this if the stick is matched with the carrot of support for people with serious drink problems to get help they need rather than just move the problem on.
    Obviously for some people a deterrant is sufficient but for others alcoholism is effectively a disease, I think, for which they need treatment rather than just punishment.

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