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Election poster war hots up

April 18, 2010

Huntingdon Street is fairly well decorated

Political parties get very excited about the number of window posters visible during an election campaign. At the very least it gives encouragement to supporters and to campaign volunteers. The most prized locations are those reserved for “estate-agent” style boards mounted on railings.

So how is the contest for posters going in Caledonian Ward? We reckon that Labour posters are ahead by a fair margin. Well we would say that wouldn’t we? To be fair, the Lib Dem posters went up a few days ahead of us. And they do have a slightly brighter colour scheme, so maybe they are a little more visible.

One curious feature of the poster war is the number of signs that our opponents have put up outside the homes of people who do not actually support the Lib Dems.

We have met people living on Caledonian Road, Campbell Walk, Hemingford Road, Huntingdon Street and Offord Road who have torn down Lib Dem boards which appeared without warning outside their homes over the Easter Weekend.

Lib Dem poster stuck-up on railings outside the home of a Labour voter ... now in the recycle bin

Shops on the Cally have featured the same problem. In at least 4 cases, Lib Dems have just walked straight into shops to put up a poster. And torn down Labour posters too … we definitely do ask shopkeepers first.

But this election is not just about posters. The elections for our national government and our local Council are about a myriad of policies and priorities.

Meanwhile, a bizarre leaflet has gone through doors in our ward this week suggesting the Conservatives have given up. It was covered in the current edition of Islington Tribune at

It’s yet another letter from a “former Conservative candidate in Islington South” called John Szemerey who stood for the Tories in the two general elections of 1974. It’s hard finding anyone in the Borough who remembers this chap. But he now features extensively in the Lib Dem campaign which is repeatedly saying “the Conservatives cannot win here”.

A lot of people are getting quite fed up being told how the Tories cannot win in Islington. Especially Labour voters who suspect that the Lib Dems are wooing Conservatives with a promise to back Cameron if the general election result turns out to be very close. That might not be such an odd thing either. Over the border in Camden, a Tory/Lib Dem coalition has run that Borough since 2006 with some disastrously divisive policies.

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  1. Cally man, Dave permalink
    April 28, 2010 4:10 pm

    I’m getting sick of the lib dem leaflets, seem to get at least 2 through the door each day. And I noticed that at least two of the “local people backing Bridget” are Lib Dems, one of them standing in the council elections.

    Lovely people I’m sure, but it kind of skews the “local people love me! angle.

    I dunno, you guys and the tories might well do the same, but it vexed me so I thought you might like to know.

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