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Labour’s pledges in Caledonian Ward

April 21, 2010

Labour in Islington yesterday launched its manifesto for the Borough elections on May 6th. The manifesto launch featured Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry alongside former London mayor Ken Livingstone. The manifesto – which was drawn-up after consultation with residents’ associations and voluntary groups throughout Islington – is a programme for change in this increasingly fragmented Borough.

Labour’s top priorities have already been enthusiastically received by voters on the doorstep in Caledonian Ward.

  • Labour will be tough on crime and its causes.  This ward desperately needs activities for young people. We will invest in new youth facilities to give kids in the area regular youth clubs, supervised sports, music, media and leisure. The vast majority of teenagers in our area are good kids who need more and better opportunities to spend their spare time in positive activities. But we shall also crack down on knife-crime and anti-social behaviour on our streets, estates and parks. We want more police officers and we want them to use their existing powers more widely. We shall extend a proposed alcohol-free zone around Kings Cross to cover the whole of Caledonian ward.
  • In Caledonian ward, Labour will build hundreds of new affordable homes as part of our Borough-wide plan to build thousands of new homes. We want overcrowded families, single people and young couples to stay in the area and be housed in decent quality homes they can afford. We will aggressively pursue policies that prevent private developers from building luxury apartments.
  • Parents at all 5 primary schools in the ward have strongly backed our commitment for free school meals for all primary age children.  This helps hard pressed families – especially those who want to move off benefits and into work – and it improves children’s health and their achievement at school.
  • Residents in this ward also support our pledge to achieve value for money in the Council. Times are going to get tougher with the Council’s finances over the next few years, so money must be spent on frontline services which make a difference to people. We will make sure Council taxpayers’ money is spent on what matters, by cutting waste, pointless Council propaganda and councillors’ expenses. We want to make sure more of the Council’s funds are spent in harder-pressed neighbourhoods like ours.
  • The state of local environment in Caledonian ward is poor. Despite what the Liberal Democrats claim, we do not have “cleaner, greener estates and streets”. We suffer from fly-tipping, dumping, dog fouling on our estates and streets. Labour We will take rapid action on fly-tipping and dog mess on all estates and streets.  We’ll bring back the free skips service and introduce a new programme to insulate homes, cutting carbon emissions and energy bills.
  • We will improve and extend services and support for older people especially those on low incomes. It was a Labour Budget in 2009 which introduced a £100 Council Tax discount for over-65s. Many older people hope we will protect the discount and expand the services like lunch clubs and social gatherings in the different voluntary groups in our ward.

You can read a copy of the manifesto (it’s 15 pages long) in the attached PDF file: Islington_Labour_2010_Manifesto_FINAL

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