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Guardian newspaper launches “sound map” of the Cally

April 28, 2010

Cally Road - a mix of old and new

The Guardian has teamed up with award-winning presenter Alan Dein to create an innovative new ‘sound map’ for the Caledonian Road. Available at the Cally Road story is told in the words of the people that both live and work in and around the area, the pensioners Fred and Joan, who can trace their family connections to the road since it was built in the 1820s, the old-time butcher, the co-owner and creator of a Turkish culinary treasure-trove, the local campaigner, the entrepreneur and his vertical garden, the street-kids with a vision as well as Dave, the popular Elvis impersonator.

The Guardian developed specially created software for the project, and a team of photographers and designers have compiled an accompanying slideshow and interactive elements – including previously unseen archive images.

Cllr Rupert Perry comments “Cally Road is a rich mix of long term residents and newcomers. Old and new alike will find this a fascinating oral history of the neighbourhood. Even for those of us who have lived here a long time, there’s some gems in this sound map of our area. The Guardian has done a great job (newcomers themselves) settling in as neighbours in our area. Alan Dein is no stranger to our area having worked on the Kings Cross Voices project and the Guardian could have chosen no-one better qualified to document our area and its history”.

The Guardian’s Cally sound map is designed to be downloaded and used as an audio guide along the road along with an accompanying PDF map or it can be viewed online as an interactive slideshow documentary.

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