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Community joins together in funeral for Jessie Wright

April 30, 2010

Many hundreds of neighbours and friends lined the streets this afternoon as the funeral cortege for Jessie White departed Kinross House on the Bemerton estate and set off towards the Islington cemetary in Finchley.

Councillors Rupert Perry and Paul Convery attended the service in Finchley after joining the crowds who paid their respects as the horse drawn funeral carriage passed along Caledonian Road.

The mourners at the Finchley cemetary outnumbered seats in the chapel and scores of people stood outside for a service conducted by Revd Michael Learmouth of St Andrews Church, Thornhill Square.

Moving eulogies were given by Jessie’s Grandad, Ken Lucraft and by Stephen Wright, her uncle. They both spoke of a vivacious, sociable young woman and scores of young people attending the service were visably touched by their words. Revd Learmouth, in his address to the congregation, spoke of the grief felt by Jessie’s friends and family. And he spoke of the outrage felt by the whole community at the manner of Jessie’s death. He offered prayers for the family and the whole community saying that “together we are stronger than we are as individuals”. And he offered a prayer that “justice should be done”.

Speaking after the service, Rupert observed that this was one of the most emotional funerals he could recall. “There were so many young people attending who have been deeply upset by Jessie’s death. We must make sure that something positive comes from this awful loss. We can become a stronger community united by the shared experience of this shocking death. Everyone’s thoughts are with Jessie’s family and friends today.”

Following the service, Rupert and Paul reiterated their commitment to help place a lasting and fitting memorial to Jessie in the neighbourhood.

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