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Our vision for a fair and cohesive community in Cally

May 3, 2010

Labour’s vision for this area is described by Cllr Paul Convery in an interview with Will Perrin for the website. Paul says that Labour Councillors want the neighbourhood to benefit from investment around Kings Cross and for young people in particular to gain from the arrival of new jobs.

He says that development in the area must be on a “human scale”, supply new “social infrastructure” and contribute to prosperity in the disadvantaged parts of the ward. He says that a new hope is required for the neighbourhood’s young people. Labour’s team is committed to a “huge investment” in building new youth clubs and services.

He hopes that this week’s local election will give Labour a majority in the Town Hall and the authority to implement their plans.

Paul stresses that Labour’s team are genuinely connected to this area and, in his words, “expect to grow old here and seen our kids go to school and grow up here.” That gives them a knowledgeable perspective and a personal stake in the way the neighbourhood changes.

He added that “Labour offers an authentic voice and a credible, radical programme for improvement in this area. Labour’s priorities are those of the people who live in Caledonian. We know because we live here. We know our neighbours. And we listen. Over the past 4 years we have demonstrated our commitment to making the neighbourhood a safer and more secure place for everyone.”

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