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Cally Councillors – roles, contact details and “surgery” details

May 16, 2010

Following their election on 6th May as Councillors in Caledonian Ward, Charlynne, Paul and Rupert will be taking-on a number of roles in the new Labour administration. They have also finalised arrangements for weekly advice surgeries and have published contact details.

Council-wide roles

The Annual Council on 18th May will ratify the Labour Group’s nominations. The new Leader, Cllr Catherine West, has declared that Islington will be a “Member-led” Council. Although Caledonian Councillors will take-up some key positions on the Council, they will be as active on local Ward matters as they were during the last 4 years in Opposition.

Paul will become the Executive member responsible for regeneration, planning and leisure. Most of the Council’s business is delegated to the Executive which comprises 8 elected Councillors (including the Leader) who take a full-time responsibility for managing the Council.

Rupert will become Chair of the West Area Committee. This has responsbility for determining most environmental matters in the area covered by Caledonian, Barnsbury, Holloway and St Mary’s Wards. The new Labour administration intends to keep the Area Committee system for an interim period of at least a year whilst we move towards a more decentralised system of Councillor-led ward partnerships.

Charlynne will be the Labour Group Secretary, an internal political position within the majority party. Remembering that the Council is now 35 Labour and 13 Lib Dems, it is particularly important that the majority group maintains an open and communicative culture and Charlynne’s role is central to achieving this.

Surgery details

Caledonian councillors will maintain the previous pattern of advice surgeries. They will be available at Westbourne Community Centre, Jean Stokes Hall and Killick Street Health Centre to the following schedule. The three councillors conduct monthly advice surgeries for constituents as follows:

Rupert Perry 1st Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm Jean Stokes Community Hall, Carnoustie Drive, Bemerton Estate, N1 0DX
Charlynne Pullen 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm at Westbourne Community Centre, 43 Roman Way, N7 8XF
Paul Convery 3rd Wednesday of the month between 5.00pm and 6.30pm at Killick Street Health Centre, 75 Killick Street, N1 9RH

On the 4th Wednesday of each month, the Caledonian and Barnsbury Councillors (in rotation) will provide a further advice session for community organisations including the Islington Bangladeshi Association.

Please also note that the Councillors have split the Ward into three areas for the purpose of “casework” (see the map opposite … you can click to enlarge it). Each of the Councillors takes primary responsibility for an area of the Ward as follows:

A: Above the North London Line – Charlynne Pullen

B: Between the North London Line and Copenhagen St – Rupert Perry

C: South of Copenhagen St – Paul Convery

Contact your Labour Councillors in Cally

You can contact your Councillors by email (we will add numbers for leaving ‘phone messages later) as follows:

Paul Convery
Rupert Perry
Charlynne Pullen
3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 16, 2010 6:29 pm

    Excellent – great news for our ward… go the Cally three!!!

  2. May 16, 2010 7:52 pm

    congratulations to all of you and particular good luck to paul as an executive cllr – beware townhall fever……….

  3. Diana Shelley permalink
    May 17, 2010 11:30 am

    Great news all round, and special congratulations to Paul. I’m also very glad to see that there will be a move towards decentralised ward partnerships. One of the great losses of the last ten years in terms of local democracy and involvement was the abolition of the neighbourhood offices and forums. They may not have been perfect but, as older readers will remember, they did involve a wide range of local people, sitting round a (very big) table discussing local issues on equal terms with councillors and officers. Without both the neighbourhood team and the forum many campaigns would have had a hard time starting (or might not have happened at all). We have the Cally/Copenhagen Forum to thank for the Cally Rail Group and our (largely) successful campaign to minimise the construction impacts of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the successful campaign for real regeneration in Regent Quarter and many, many less public initiatives. (Personally, I learned most of what I know about planning in the Copenhagen Planning & Environment Sub-committee). I know resources won’t allow all that to be restored, but any moves towards it should be welcomed. And I hope you’ll be consulting widely on how it’s to be done!

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