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“Mystic” bar/restaurant gets booze licence … but not after 11pm

July 15, 2010

From under this scruffy scaffolding emerged the bar/restuarant now called "Mystic" ... we won't go on about what a miserably long time this building site blocked the pavement ... but it was almost a year.

Councillor Rupert Perry has bargained a deal to restrict the licensing hours of the “Mystic” bar/restaurant which is attempting to open on the ground floor at the corner of Caledonian Road and Offord Road.

Rupert arm-twisted the owners to accept restricted hours of evening opening but the business still does not have a valid planning permission to operate as a bar/restaurant at all on Sunday. Rupert says that Caledonian Councillors are continuing to challenge and oppose any changes to the original planning permission until residents have seen the effect of the operation of the premises.

Local residents were worried about the hours and impacts of late drinking. At the licensing committee on 12th July, Rupert and local resident representative Sue Cartwright, opposed the granting of a license.

Unfortunately the committee was chaired by a stand-in Councillor, a Lib Dem from Archway. His management of the committee meeting was, according to Rupert, “totally useless”. Fortunately the 3 hours of waiting provided Rupert and Sue with an opportunity to negotiate with the applicant’s representative and they agreed:

  • alcohol only allowed for diners not casual drinkers
  • finishing at 11pm Mon to Saturday
  • no alcohol on Sunday.

Sue outlined residents’ concerns to the committee and Rupert told them he had reached a deal which the committee – if it was going to grant a license – should endorse instead. The Committee did exactly what Rupert proposed.

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