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Government cuts cash for Arundel Square kids playground

August 25, 2010

Rupert and Paul join parents and kids protesting the Government's abrupt withdrawal of promised cash

Cally Councillors are furious that money earmarked for a new kids playground has been cut without warning by the Government.

Rupert and Paul joined a parents’ protest at the loss of cash from the “Playbuilder” scheme whichwas won after Islington successfully competed for the funds. The kids playground is meant to finish off the new Arundel Square park and public gardens.

Arundel Square will soon open as a great re-modelled park. Additional green space has been created by decking-over the North London railway line. As a result, just over 7,000 sq metres of parkspace has been created.

During the public consultation for the redevelopment of the gardens, there was strong public support for play opportunities for a wide age range of kids. Government cash from the “Playbuilder” scheme allocated to the Gardens for further play provision. Nine other parks in Islington successfully bid for Playbuilder and all of these appear to have been scuppered by the new Government’s spending cuts.

Rupert and Paul have committed themselves to finding some replacement cash to make sure that Arundel Square gets a decent play area for kids of different ages. Rupert said: “It’s outrageous that cash for an area like this has been cut. This is typical of a Government that talks about helping-out poorer parts of London but then cuts special grants which have been specifically earmarked for places like Islington.”

Paul added “Arundel Square is used by kids and parents from a wide area. Just because it’s an ‘Islington Square’ doen’t mean this is a mainly affluent neighbourhood. Many of the homes on the square are owned by the Council and Housing Associations whilst nearby are estates like The Grove and the Westbourne/Mackenzie estate. And, if there is one way to make sure we have a better more cohesive Islington, it’s by having kids of all backgrounds able to freely and safely play together.”

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