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Tougher licensing rules to protect our neighbourhoods

October 15, 2010

Eagle pub, 427 Caledonian Road ... a late hours license application was successfully defeated by residents and Councillors

The area around Kings Cross will become a specially designated zone with tougher licensing rules to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour. This is just one of the proposals contained in a (draft) licensing policy drawn-up by the new Labour administration at Islington Town Hall.

Tough new rules will also put limits on the number of off-licences in Islington and the hours they can open, to reduce anti-social behaviour caused by easy access to alcohol.

Residents are also being asked if they want the whole Borough to become a Controlled Drinking Zone, allowing police to confiscate alcohol from nuisance drinkers and impose on-the-spot fines.

There will be tough rules on underage sales. For a first offence, off-licences would be fined and given a written warning.  Any further offence would lead to a full review of their licence. In serious cases a full review would happen after just one offence.

Cllr Paul Convery says “Excessive alcohol is a primary factor behind most anti-social behaviour. So, we’re cracking-down on the selfish minority of nuisance drinkers who cause problems for our community. We want to toughen up Islington’s policies so police and council officers can tackle the problems that alcohol causes. And we are making it harder for pubs and clubs to get licences or extensions to hours in the Kings Cross area.”

He adds “The draft policy still needs some further work done on it and the Council wants to hear from residents who have experienced the problems of late licenses, noisy bars, street-drinking and other forms of anti social behaviour.”

A copy of the new draft policy is at The consultation is open to residents and businesses and will run until 15th November. A short questionnaire is available via the following link:

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