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Pappeos nightclub starts up again … so does enforcement action

December 12, 2010

Pappeos nichtclub at 169-171 Caledonian Road

Pappeos nightclub is back and is already disturbing the neighbours at weekends. With Xmas/New Year looming, things looks like they will get much worse. However, the Council is taking firm enforcement action.

Earlier this year, Cally Councillors pressed hard to get this nightclub to stop operating beyond it’s lawful permissions. Enforcement action began in March of this year. Then in June, the operators of the nightclub managed to get a liquor and entertainment license. But within days they were evicted by the landlord for failure to pay bills and rent. Everything went quiet until 12th November. Then the partying started up again.

A planning permission granted in 2004 gave permission for “a cafe/bar, banqueting suite with dancing, meetings and conferences”. So, the venue does not have planning permission to operate as a nightclub. And it does not have consent to operate beyond midnight any night of the week. Their website already says it is open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Now operators have applied for planning permission to open until 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights. The application submitted will be determined once a public consultation has been completed on 6th January 2011. Objectors should send their comments to the case officer, Bob Armsby ( before this date. It is likely the application will be considered in public session by the planning committee in February.

In the meantime, enforcement action by the Council has begun. Islington’s lawyers are considering issuing a “stop notice” to prevent the operators running without a valid planning permission.

Cally Councillors will oppose the application to open until 4am. But they also say the venue should not be used as a nightclub at all. The operators may try and claim they are running something else. But they  admitted it was a nightclub when applying for an alcohol and entertainment licence. Their own website says it is an “entertainment venue” and announced regular Friday night sessions with “resident and guest DJs” at “Pappeo Night Club”. The Pappeo’s entry on a prime club listings website was written by the operators and it says “Pappeo’s Music Lounge is Islington’s brand new night club”.

Paul Convery says “I shall oppose the latest planning application and I urge other residents to do likewise. Just because the operators managed to arm-twist an alcohol and entertainment license out of the Council does not mean they can expect to get a planning permission too. This venue is plainly a nightclub and it is located in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. We already know it causes considerable noise nuisance to the neighbourhood and to the residents of numerous flats above, alongside and opposite this venue. I don’t want people to stop enjoying themselves in London. But this is the wrong place for a club.”


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  1. terry permalink
    February 28, 2011 12:57 am

    has this place been shut down as the website says Due to unforeseen circumstances this website will no longer exist

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