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Complaint against Cally Councillors dismissed after epic investigation

April 8, 2011

The under-used building which is the subject of controversy

Islington Council’s independent Standards Committee has dismissed all complaints against Councillors Paul Convery and Rupert Perry which were made in June 2010 by the Trustee of a charity that owns the “National Heritage Library” at 313-315 Caledonian Road.

In April 2010, Labour’s team for Caledonian Ward in an article on this website criticised the under-use and dilapidation of the building. The article said the building should be brought back into community use and criticised the stewardship of the building by a charitable trust which appeared not to be meeting its stated charitable objectives.

The Councillors also criticised the Council, under its previous administration, for letting the building’s owners claim 100% relief from business rates.

The Standards committee concluded that Rupert and Paul’s comments “regarding the stewardship of the building and the administration of the charity responsible for the building were either substantially true or the Councillors had reasonable grounds for believing that the comments were true and honestly held that belief.”

The Islington Tribune newspaper has reported the story in detail and summarised the comprehensive investigation’s conclusion saying that Rupert and Paul had substantiated their allegations or had spoken in good faith.

Rupert is reported saying that, now the investigation is over, work could begin on bringing the building back into regular public use. He said “It would make a very good community centre.”

An official summary of the findings and the Committee’s decision has been published by the Islington Standards Committee. The decision note of the committee on 28th March is here; and an extract of the investigating officer’s report is here.

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