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Cally dispersal zone extended by 3 months to cut anti-social behaviour

May 17, 2011

The powers granted to the police allow them to remove any group of people gathered within the dispersal zone (shown above) who are involved in antisocial behaviour or causing trouble or problems for other people.

Local Councillors have backed the extension of a dispersal order covering the Bemerton estate and Thornhill square which began in mid February. It will remain in force until 16th August 2011.

The dispersal order and extra police patrolling have led to a reduction in calls to the police across the area. But there is still a significant level of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and low level crime.

The Cally remains a place where young people congregate from different parts of the Borough. Recently there have been incidents caused by escalating tension between two groups of outsiders.

The police have recently made arrests and sought further orders against identified young people. Identified young people have been traced to their parents’ homes and warning letters issued and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts drawn-up. Homes for Islington and Housing Associations are working closely with the police to bring tenancy enforcement action against the parents of those involved. The Council’s Park Guard officers have been closely involved in patrolling.

Cllr Paul Convery comments “As summer approaches we must stop the Cally becoming a recreation zone for kids from all over the Borough. Scarcely any of the kids causing trouble on the Cally live here. Many families and other young people are seriously intimidated by these gangs of young teenagers. We are determined to take tough action against anti-social behaviour and criminal damage on the Bemerton and adjoining areas.”

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