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Pappeos nightclub – high risk event this Friday is cancelled

August 11, 2011

Pappeos club is a controversial venue now subject to a license suspension, planning enforcement action and noise nuisance control

A large scale all-night “DJ face-off” event at Pappeos club due on Friday (August 12th) has been cancelled after the Council and Police threatened the club with a closure order. Written confirmation from the club proprietor was received late on Wednesday. Without this assurance, the Council and Police would have sought an immediate closure order from Highbury Magistrates today.

The latest problem emerged when it became clear that the operators intended to mount a large scale all-night event called “Man Ah Steppa (Starbwoy vs Stullesha)” and widely advertised through social media. Advertising says it would have run from “Friday at 9:00pm – Saturday at 1:00pm” without any form of licensed permission.

The owner of the club has been told to make sure that cancellation advice is immediately sent out. As yet (Thursday morning) this has not been done by the event organisers. The police and licensing officials will be reinforcing this message during the rest of Thursday and daytime Friday. Contingency arrangements are being made in case people arrive and find the venue closed.

Pappeos club is a controversial venue located at 169-171 Caledonian Road. There are homes located all above the shops on this street block and opposite. Over several years, the venue has slowly changed from being “banqueting rooms” suitable for wedding receptions into a nightclub without having obtained permission for the change. There have been numerous incidents and complaints about noise and nuisance caused by the club late at night.

Controversially, last year, the owners obtained a license for music, dancing and alcohol but have still not sought planning permission for the change of use. The Council has been undertaking planning enforcement action to prevent the venue being used as a nightclub. Statutory noise nuisance notices have also been served by the Council. And, because a number of conditions attached to the granting of the music, dancing and alcohol license have not been confirmed, the Council has announced that the license has been suspended.

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