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Time to sort out the dog mess problem in Cally ward

February 29, 2012

Dog dirt warning flag ... just feet away from children's play area in Arundel Square

Cally Councillors have identified some of the worst areas for dog shit in the ward and are pressing for firm action to penalise anti-social dog owners. The newly completed park at Arundel Square has been one of the first places to test-out £80 on-the-spot fines after mounting pressure from residents in the neighbourhood around this brand new park which has become blighted by dog shit.

Anti-social dog owners have already been hit recently with on-the-spot fines handed out by uniformed officers in the Council’s Parkguard service. The Council’s park staff have also been putting early warning flags in grass where dogs have left mess – ahead of cleansing staff removing it altogether.

Cally Councillors are calling for a new swoop against owners of dogs who cause hell for everyone else. During the past year, scores of residents have reported a definite increase in the problem. We have asked residents to help us identify some of the worst areas in Caledonian Ward so that officers can be deployed to catch or deter offenders. So far, the worst spots named are:

  • Copenhagen Street
  • Havelock Street
  • Bemerton Street
  • Pembroke Street (west side pavements and grassed area)
  • Carnoustie Drive (west side alongside the approach to Children’s Centre)
  • Bingfield Park (alongside the paths in the park)
  • Arundel Square (inside the park)
  • Grassed area by the Westbourne Community Centre near Vulcan Way

Please send your comments on places that need patrolling to catch offenders by commenting below or by sending email to

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