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The Co-op store re-opens on Caledonian Road – a vote of confidence in our high street

November 15, 2012

The new look Co-op store on Caledonian Road is a sign of regeneration on our high street

The Cally Road Co-op has reopened after a 10 day refit and it’s been turned into a great looking store.

The benefits from the Co-op’s investment are clear to see. Obviously, the new shop now has modern displays, especially for chilled foods, a sensible layout and new lighting.

But the new internal layout means that the store’s front windows are open onto the street. Previously it was almost impossible to see in or out of the front and this gave the store a very cramped and claustrophobic feel. The new window design brightens the pavement outside and allows easy views into and out of the shop.

Caledonian Road is undergoing a renewal as traders, residents and the Council clear-up the street, encourage new business and make the highway safer. The Co-op is one of just two cornerstone retailers on the Cally and many people used to complain that the previous store had a run-down and dowdy feel.

Paul Convery says “I’m a very keen Co-op customer indeed and I’m delighted this ethical business is so prominent on our high street. I’ve been a Co-op member most of life and want to make the Co-op a bigger part of our community here on the Cally. We’re all pulling together to make the Cally a better place and the Co-op’s commitment to this store is a vote of confidence in our high street’s future.”

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  1. Mike Sweeney permalink
    November 15, 2012 7:47 pm

    I fully agree. Good for competition as well to give more choice when shopping. The only big other superstore nearby is Iceland, which has dominated that High Street area there for many years. Mike.

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