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Cally community is mourning the death of Yasar Anur

November 27, 2012

Yasar in front of his shop at the Cally Festival this year

Cally residents and the local business community are in mourning following the unexpected death last Friday of Yasar Anur. With Hanife, his wife, Yasar ran the much loved foodstore at 319 Caledonian Road, known as “Yasar’s Food Market”. Councillor Rupert Perry and his wife Ann were long standing friends of Yasar and Hanife and Rupert recounts:

“For those who remember the old Covent Garden, there used to be a fruit and veg stall by the Underground. This was where Yasar first was selling in London. Yasar came from a large Kurdish family, many of whom were involve in food, whether restaurants or production and sales.

“He and Hanife moved to Islington to set up their shop in the late eighties, if I recall right. The shop was a hit from day one, and they made quite an impact of Caledonian Road, with their excellent home made mezes, fruit and vegetables, plus an Alladins cave of interesting foods.

“The Neighbourhood Forum at the time recognised their excellent displays and they won the Cally Shopfront Awards for many years in a row. Despite tougher times in more recent years, they always kept their standards high, and despite ill health, Yasar continued to work long hours at the shop. Yasar leaves behind a son, and his wife Hanife, plus many many relatives and friends who will miss him dearly. The Cally Road needs people like Yasar.

“I did a fair amount of Council work with Yasar. Sometimes it was people he referred to me, and other times it was stuff involving him and Hanife. Years ago when we were giving them awards for their lovely shopfront, another part of the Council was trying to prosecute him for having his display encroaching the pavement. I managed to stop the overzealous officers. A few weeks ago they were given an on the spot penalty for leaving cardboard boxes on the pavement. The offending photos seemed to me to be of boxes relating to the shop next door, and after some hassle, the penalty notice was withdrawn. Yasar often used to say that I was his “brother” and Ann was often in deep conversations with Hanife and Yasar when going to the shop.”

The shop was Yasar’s pride and joy. Every day he and Hanife would set-out their displays of organic fruit and vegetables and would work through well into mid evening. On Sunday, Yasar’s son opened-up the shop for a day and many residents went in to convey their condolences and thoughts to Hanife and the rest of Yasar’s family. The funeral will be held in Turkey once the Coroner’s formalities are completed when Yasar’s body will be returned to Istanbul for a family burial.

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  1. June 26, 2014 11:44 am

    We have just returned from a trip to Turkey. This was the first time that Hanife had been able to visit the grave of Yasar in a cemetery on the outskirts of Istanbul. We took a cab from our hotel in Besiktas and we arrived at the cemetery, we some soon found Yasar’s grave. Some reflection and time for prayers for Hanife, and maybe a good way of ending the holiday. Hanife is back in the shop tomorrow

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