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Help choose a simple new legend for the Cally Road railway bridge

May 14, 2013
Caledonian Road Bridge sign web

Option 1 – “Caledonian Road”

Cally Labour Councillors are asking for the public’s opinions on a new sign for the railway bridge which is currently being repainted.

A few weeks ago, Islington Council learned that Network Rail was planning substantial maintenance of the bridge over Caledonian Rd.

A major part of the maintenance involves a complete repaint and this will remove the now faded “Ferodo” name.

Network Rail intends to paint the bridge in a bright blue – as they have already done at Camden Road.

Their plans have moved quickly. The maintenance work is already underway with half the road width blocked by scaffolding and one-way traffic working.

Option 1 - "Cally Road"

Option 2 – “Cally Road”

In the past fortnight, Team Cally and Islington Council have reached an agreement with Network Rail to permit a new legend on the bridge to create a new landmark sign on the bridge.

Because time is short we need to keep this simple.

Cllr Paul Convery says “Many people have a soft spot for the old sign. The name “Ferodo” has been a landmark on the Cally Road for decades. But it’s days are clearly numbered. It is, after all, an advertisement for a brake linings company that went bust in 2001.

“Many things are turning around on the Cally these days. We have the annual Cally Festival now well established, a Saturday street market, new businesses opening up, road safety measures and a programme of environmental improvements on our high street. It makes sense to paint a new legend on the bridge that reflects the renewed sense of identity for the Cally.”

Cally Road Bridge 5 web

Option 3 – “The Cally”

Three possible legends are illustrated in the pictures to the right. Please let the local Councillors know which you think would suit best. Indeed if you have a better idea for a simple sign, please let us know. The three modelled suggestions are:


Contact us with your opinions or ideas by email (callylabourcouncillors @ We shall be taking a decision within the next 5 days.

UPDATE 21-5-13

The result of our straw poll reveals “The Cally” as favourite .. with “Cally Road” second choice. We are now moving quickly to order stencils in order to slot-into the Network Rail repaint operation which is already underway. One very good suggestion which was made is to use a typeface that is close to the font used in the Ferodo logo. Seems the original is a unique, proprietary font which is not available to reproduce and the closest lookalike appears to be a font called Othello. See examples at

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