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We can stop TfL closing Caledonian Road underground station for 8 months: sign the online petition

November 18, 2015
Caledonian Road underground station passengers protesting, November 4th.

Caledonian Road underground station passengers protesting, November 4th.

Last month, TfL announced that Caledonian Road underground station will be closed for 8 months beginning in January 2016. Thousands of people have already expressed their indignation at this decision which will massively disrupt the 19,000 passenger journeys each day through the station.

The station’s 2 lifts were installed in 1987 and need replacing soon. There are different ways to do this but TfL has chosen an option which is the most convenient for TfL but the most inconvenient for passengers.

TfL has now admitted that it is feasible to replace the lifts one at a time – whilst keeping the station open. Islington Council says this is the option that TfL should now implement.

Please help us to persuade TfL to think again by adding your name to our online petition by clicking here. The petition will be presented to City Hall next week.

Even if you do not regularly use Caledonian Road underground station, it will affect thousands of people who live further south. TfL plans to re-route most of the displaced passengers by bus down to Kings Cross. This will have a huge impact on bus services and congestion further south on Caledonian Road.

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