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Cement company pledges to take its trucks off Copenhagen Street.

April 26, 2016
2016-04-12 09.04.35

Cement mixers and other HGVs servicing Cemex plants have routinely been using Copenhagen Street

One of the largest cement companies operating in the Kings Cross area has instructed its drivers to comply with the HGV ban on Copenhagen Street.

This follows complaints to Cemex that its drivers routinely use Copenhagen Street as a route for HGVs heading towards construction sites east of the Angel.

Copenhagen Street, which has 3 schools on it, is a convenient short cut for trucks heading to and from the Cemex plants off York Way.

In response, Cemex managers have agreed to instruct their drivers to stop using Copenhagen Street and have specifically promised:

  • All drivers from their two plants have been instructed not to use this route and required to sign a printed copy of the email to indicate their acknowledgement.
  • The company’s Operations Supervisor has visited both plants and personally instructed drivers;
  • All delivery dockets will bear the instruction not to use Copenhagen Street
  • All the vehicles are GPS tracked so any driver using Copenhagen Street “will be disciplined” according to the company.

Cally Councillor Paul Convery says “Cemex is the first of the cement manufacturers to take action and I thank them. Copenhagen Street has had a 7.5 tonne lorry ban for many years but HGV drivers have increasingly been using it as a short cut. Next on the list is Hanson which also has a batching plant west of York Way and its drivers also use Copenhagen Street.”

“Getting a company to voluntarily abide by the lorry ban is a start. But our longer term goal is to have a physical width restriction that will prevent all HGVs from entering Copenhagen Street near to its York Way entrance.”

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