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We must clean the air around schools in Cally

May 19, 2016
2016-04-25 09.01.33 - Copenhagen Street

Heavy traffic on Copenhagen Street is one of the sources of air pollution for 2 primary schools and a nursery

Cally Councillors have announced 5 practical measures to cut the air pollution affecting primary schools in the neighbourhood.

This follows the news that 4 of the worst 20 hit primary schools in London are in the Kings Cross area: Argyle, Blessed Sacrament, Copenhagen and Winton.

On Tuesday 17th May, London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan released a 2013 report which former Mayor Johnson was accused of having “buried”.

The report revealed that, throughout London, the primary schools most affected by air pollution are the ones which overwhelmingly serve the most disadvantaged areas and populations of London.

Mayor Khan has declared London’s toxic air represents an emergency comparable to the Great London Smogs of the 1950s. Mayor Khan has said that “we need big, bold and sometimes difficult policies if London is to match the scale of the challenge”. Khan has pledged to:

  • Extend the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)
  • Start work on a diesel scrappage scheme
  • Require all HGVs in London to meet ULEZ standards
  • Clean-up London’s buses

Working with the Mayor, Cally Councillors have promised five practical, local responses to  reduce pollution which will benefit Blessed Sacrament and Copenhagen schools:

  • A road narrowing to enforce the much flouted HGV ban on Copenhagen Street
  • Actively support TfL’s plans to remove the gyratory system around Kings Cross
  • Deal with the standing traffic on York Way (caused by Goods Way blockages)
  • Demand that Network Rail stop static diesel trains at KX station from running engines
  • Implement a scheme with the Canals and Rivers Trust to prevent moored boats from emitting wood smoke and diesel fumes.

Cllr Paul Convery says “Pollution around Kings Cross is bad but it was a shock to realise how severely this affects schools in our area. The main sources of pollution are diesel HGVs, buses and vans. In the short term, we need measures to stop these vehicles travelling through our neighbourhood. In the long term, I back Mayor Khan’s policies to fundamentally reduce the volume and types of dirty vehicles driving in London.”

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  1. Anneli Toussaint-Strauss permalink
    May 20, 2016 8:26 am

    Glad to receive this news. It’s a huge concern to be having a 6 month old baby who will be growing up between York way and Caledonian Road. It’s my biggest concern and is most definitely an emergency situation.

    I hope that these proposals take effect without delay.

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