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Safer Neighbourhood – latest priorities agreed

February 8, 2010

29th January 2010

Each of Islington’s 16 Wards has a Safer Neighbourhood Panel supported by the Metropolitan Police and the Council’s Safer Islington Partnership. In Caledonian Ward, the Panel is chaired by Councillor Paul Convery and it meets every 2 months to discuss new initiatives and to feedback to the police where problems arise.

The meeting on January 28th welcomed a new Seargant, Mike Atkinson, who has taken command of the Caledonian Ward team upon the departure of Sgt Dave Wiggins who has been promoted to take a wider role in neighbourhood policing across the south of the Borough. We also learned that PC Carel le Masson who has worked the Caledonian patch diligently for the past 4 years is also joining the same wider team. Both Dave and Carel have served as exemplary officers building up an excellent understanding of the area and providing intelligent and effective policing. We could do with a whole load more coppers like them.

The entrance walkway through Coatbridge house on the Bemerton estate - the usual hangout spot for dozens of young people

The latest SNP meeting was consulted on a number of live operational matters such as the covert surveillance operation which began late last year targeted at groups of youths congregating on the Bemerton Estate. Anti Social Behaviour on the Bemerton had exploded during October with widespread graffiti and damage in hotspots of the estate and intimidation towards residents. Cash for the surveillance operation was agreed after Cllr Convery and Daniel Dresner (Chair of the Bemerton Villages Management Organisation) attended a Town Hall meeting with senior Police and Council officers to demand more resource to crack this problem. A number of ASBOs and injunctions had worked during trouble earlier in the Summer but the latest gang of youths were new and the police needed identification, particularly the ring leaders. The latest operation is beginning to yield results.

The January 28th meeting agreed three priorities for the local police team to concentrate on:

  • Anti social behaviour on the Westbourne Estate, Bemerton Estate and around Boston/Nailour estates
  • Emerging vice related problems – particularly around the Mackenzie Road/Caledonian Road junction
  • Preventative action to warn shopkeepers about selling alcohol to minors

The next meetings of the SNP are scheduled for 18th March, 27th May, 22nd July, 9th September and 11th November.

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  1. Bill Derbyshire permalink
    February 25, 2010 6:56 pm

    In 2009, residents of both Westbourne and Cally estates met over the problems surround the antisocial behaviour in our areas. We welcomed the idea of opening of a youth club in the Westbourne Centre, is it working….NO, Monday night is hell with Moped riders happily roaring up and down the cark park above the centre. I think it is about time the councillors sorted out this antisocial behaviour. I will go for the club to be closed if this is not resolved by the end of March

  2. Bill Derbyshire permalink
    March 3, 2010 10:25 am

    I have spoken to the youth club staff who impress me quite a bit, they get insults thrown at them from the Moped Brigade when they challenge them to stop reving up the 30mph toys of their’s. Local community policing may be required in my opinion to move these yobs on.
    The youth club are doing what they can to address this issue and I am pleased with their response.

  3. Bill Derbyshire permalink
    March 29, 2010 3:56 pm

    Paul the youth club in the Westbourne Estate seems to be running smoothly now, I still don’t know if promised police support has materialised ??

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