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Replacing the Victorian water mains

February 8, 2010

2nd February 2010

Thames Water has been digging up most of this Ward for the past year. Considering how many bursts and leaks have hit the area over the last decade or so, it’s clearly very necessary work. But it’s also very disruptive.

The whole length of Caledonian Road was dug-up last year. Rupert and Paul averted a catastrophic scheduling error when it tranpsired that the Council was about to resurface all of Caledonian Road just weeks before Thames contractors planned to dig it all up. The side streets east of Cally have had their entire pipes replaced too – not surprising really as these water mains were as old as the houses.

More suprising has been the work west of Caledonian Road particularly Sutterton Street and the cul de sac roads making up the Nailour Street Estate – Conistone Way, Bradely Close, Kerwick Close and Rydston Close. These homes wer built in the 1970s so it’s a mystery why there might be Victorian era water mains under the streets there.

And because these roads are quite narrow, the excavation works have caused immense problems for residents. Earlier in January, we learned that Islington’s refuse trucks could not back into the streets because of the works. Instead of sorting out an alternative way to remove the refuse, the contractors just left the garbage in the bins. After a couple of weeks things got out of hand with great piles of bin sacks piled up on the estate. We got a special delivery sorted out using smaller collection vehicles and a special gang of collectors. But looking at the current round of excavations, it looks like Rydston Close is going to experience problems again this week. So, we’ve alerted the Council’s streetscene managers to keep an eye on things.

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  1. TONY REES permalink
    February 26, 2010 6:20 pm

    Hi Paul

    Re your Feb 8 piece on water mains, sadly Thames Water didn’t manage to reach down to the bottom of Caledonian Road, and there have been three bursts in the last 18 months in our block alone, flooding our basements. We are still waiting for compensation from last July. Fortunately I had blocked the hole the water entered through, so the last burst a couple of weeks ago only made our front area floor damp rather than flooding the whole basement again. When I contacted TW I was told that our stretch of the Cally was not included in any replacement programme, but that they would keep the matter under review!



    PS Excellent website.

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