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Signing the Equality Pledge

February 8, 2010

6th February 2010

Rupert, Paul and Charlynne have signed-up to the Equality Trust’s candidate pledge.

For almost two decades, Britain has been one of the most unequal of the world’s richest countries. The latest research shows how harmful this is to the social fabric of our society. Almost all social and environmental problems – ill-health, lack of community life, violence, drugs, obesity, mental illness, long working hours, big prison populations – are more likely to occur in less equal societies.

By signing the Equality Pledge we have confirmed our commitment to reducing the gap between rich and poor, improving the quality of life for everyone.

The Equality Pledge: “Compelling new evidence presented by The Equality Trust shows that more equal societies – those with a narrower gap between rich and poor – are more cohesive, healthier, suffer fewer social problems and are more environmentally sustainable. In view of these findings I am committed to making the UK a more equal society as the most effective means of building a better society. I will therefore actively support the case for policies designed to narrow the gap between rich and poor; and engage with the debate on which measures should be implemented to achieve that aim.”

The Equality Pledge is not restricted to candidates for office. We encourage all members of the public who agree with this declaration to commit their support too. You can do it online here:

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