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Frederica Street planting

February 8, 2010

4th February 2010

Cllr Rupert Perry at Frederica Street gardens

When elected in 2006, we promised to sort out the patch of derelict land on Frederica Street between the Caledonian Road corner and the entrance to Bunning Way. It was a well worn cut-through for Bunning Way residents but it was also a hang-out for street drinkers and a pick-up spot for sex workers. Most people said that, after dark, it was a no-go zone for passers-by.

In early 2009, we finally got the all-clear to use some Safer Neighbourhood cash and Greenspace money to turn this into a decent patch of greenery with a sensible laid-out path. The work was carried-out in the Autumn so the planting areas are still protected behind temporary fencing. In the Spring, it will look great.

Rupert Perry says “It can take ages to get simple environmental improvements done around here but residents are very pleased that, at last, we have managed to get a troublesome patch of waste ground turned into a welcoming and pleasant area”.

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  1. Angus permalink
    February 25, 2010 6:25 pm

    Well it is much improved. But we need the gardeners to return to clear up the mess.

    The “planting areas” which had some flowers have turned into rotting remains full of rubbish and weeds.

    And of course there’s still half the areas left untouched and fenced off.

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