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Whittington hospital “is saved”: closure plans to be shelved

April 29, 2010

Emily, Jeremy and Frank Dobson celebrate with Save The Whittington campaign co-chair, Shirley Franklin

Three days ago, Labour’s Councillors in Cally predicted that the threat of closure would be lifted from the Whittington.

Today, Andy Burnham Labour’s Health Secretary confirmed this saying “it is inconceivable that Labour would support the closing or downgrading of the Whittington A&E or its maternity service.”

Councillor Catherine West, Labour leader on Islington Council said that “after months of local campaigning, I joined Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn to announce that the review has been halted.  The Government has told local NHS bureaucrats that they may not close the Whittington’s A&E.  NHS Islington will have to decide on the future of local health services based on what is best for local health and not on cost-cutting.”

Health Secretary Andy Burnham said “I will order a complete halt in the process that is being run and I’m asking NHS London to go back to the drawing board. As a government we only support changes in the NHS when the local clinicians propose them and when there is evidence that they will improve quality and save lives.”

Please click here to find out more about the hospital and how you can help us to keep on standing up for you.

Today (Thursday) Jeremy, Emily and Labour’s Councillors will be joining the campaigners from the Defend the Whittington Coalition outside the Hospital for a rally as part of the day of action.

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