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Kings Cross no-alcohol zone gets the go-ahead

June 8, 2010

The zone extends from Clerkenwell up to Kings Cross and the southern end of Caledonian Road

The public has backed the alcohol exclusion zone around Kings Cross and the bottom of Caledonian Road. As a result, the final hurdle has been cleared and the zone is now operational.

Over 90% of respondents to the public consultation supported the exclusion zone which extends from Clerkenwell to Kings Cross. It matches an equivalent zone on the Camden side of the Borough border.

Islington Council is now arranging for permanents signs to go up in the area telling people it is an Alcohol Control zone. In the meantime, temporary signs have already been posted.

Police officers will have new powerss to control outdoor anti social drinking by requiring someone to stop drinking in the area if they feel anti social behaviour is being or is likely to be caused. Refusal to comply is an offence and can lead to immediate arrest.

The Police and the Borough’s licensing officers will also meet licensed premises in the area to negotiate how they manage permitted outdoor drinking so that anti-social behaviour is minimised.

Paul Convery says “The zone is being implemented just in time. With Summer here, the risks of people becoming drunk in the streets and parks is greater. We want this power to be sued properly and effectively. Obviously people having a quiet drink outside a pub are not going to be affected.

“Labour’s policy is to extend alcohol free zones throughout the Borough and the Caledonian Councillors will press for early implementation throughout our ward.”

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