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Cally Councillors say “no more bedsits above the Co-op”

March 30, 2011

Rubbish regularly builds-up on the pavement outside 1 Kember Street doorway

Cally Labour Councillors have objected to a planning application to build yet more flats above the existing 20+ bedsits currently arranged on 2 floors above the Co-op store at 303-311 Caledonian Road. The owner wants to add another storey on the building and squeeze-in a further 7 tiny flats.

This will expand an already excessively dense residential complex of bedsit rooms which is accessed through a small door on Kember Street.

The scheme is for single bedroom flats only which breaches Islington Council’s policies. The Council wants a wider range of sized flats especially those which are suitable for families. Anyone with children moving into any flat of this size will automatically be “overcrowded”. These 7 flats would be added to a building – with a single street entrance – that already contains over 20 bedsits.

These bedsits are let on very short tenancies and result in a highly transient population. It is notable that currently there are only 2 people living at this address who have registered to vote in all elections.

The application proposes further flats where the quality of accommodation is below standard. The size of each unit barely meets Islington Council’s minimum requirements and 5 of the 7 flats are accessed from a central corridor which means they have a ‘single aspect’.

The application does not provide for adequate waste storage space. This building already relies on a “Eurobin” placed on the pavement outside the street door on Kember Street. This is routinely overflowing with rubbish bags and is quite inadequate. Council policy requires any new development to provide sufficient refuse storage.

The rear of the proposed development on Carnoustie Drive will further worsen the visual amenity of residents living on the adjacent Bemerton Estate. The building already has an exceptionally ugly steel framed escape staircase to the rear – and this was only recently built in order to comply with fire escape requirements.

Details of the application can be read on the Islington Council planning website by clicking here.

** UPDATE (31-3-11) Planning officers have confirmed this application will be rejected for the reasons outlined by local Councillors.

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  1. March 30, 2011 1:56 pm

    well done on this – absolutely the right decision. we can’t have new flats at any cost.

    the owners of the property have never taken responsibility for the fly tipping over many years on kember street caused by their inadequate provision of rubbish storage. the euro bins are council provided.

    neglect of the old scaffold pole fire escape was a disgrace – it frequently filled up with large rubbish items such as bed divans. you can see pictures at these links


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