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Mains water pipe bursts on Bemerton and cuts-off homes for 12 hours

September 6, 2011

Digging through a foot of reinforced concrete to unearth multiple fractures in this 1960s era cast iron water main

Around two hundred Bemerton homes had their water supplies cut-off for 12 hours following a mains burst on the estate yesterday, September 5th.

The burst pipe occurred outside the block at 1-12 Stranraer Way and flooded a number of garages under Stranraer Way and Tayport Close. Basement flats in the controversial Choudhury Mansion were also inundated.

Normally a burst water main is the responsibility of Thames Water but this pipe is laid under the estate grounds and so Homes for Islington brought-in a contractor to fix the problem.

Meanwhile hundreds of packs of bottled water were delivered to Perth House, Stranraer Way, Tayport Close whilst a gang of HfI contractors tackled the fifty-year old pipe buried deep beneath reinforced concrete. During the excavations several breaks were revealed where the pipe broke several times and contractors made two permanent repairs.

Cllr Paul Convery commented “Full marks to our housing management’s technical people. They don’t have to handle burst water mains that often. But they got the pipe fixed and water turned back on to houses by 6.30pm which is a lot quicker than it typically takes Thames Water to do the same thing. A number of people suffered some flood damage to possessions stored in garages and we need to look at whether they can be compensated for loss.”

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