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Combined enforcement operation closes-down Pappeos nightclub

August 26, 2011

The venue is located on a shopping parade in a densely residential part of Caledonian Road

Co-ordinated by Islington Council, the police, fire brigade, licensing and planning authorities have acted together to close-down the controversial venue at 169 Caledonian Road.

Warnings by the Council earlier this month were disregarded by the club operators and, on the night of Saturday 13th August, a club night was held which – at 4am – descended into mayhem with scores of drunk patrons fighting in the main road outside.

Prompted by the further risk of an unlicensed all-night “DJ face-off” gig tonight (Friday 26th August), the agencies have issued a raft of legal orders against the venue’s owners to cease operating as a nightclub. A squad of police has been put-on stand-by to ensure the club operators do not attempt to open tonight. They are equipped with powers to close-down any unlicensed event.

In June 2010, the venue secured a license for music, dance and alcohol, but the owners have not been given a planning permission for use as a nightclub. Nor do they have a permit to open later than midnight on Mondays to Saturdays or to operate at all on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Earlier this week, senior staff from the Council’s Public Protection Division visited the club operators and issued a series of warnings and served legal orders. The combined actions by the authorities include:

  • The fire brigade visited the venue and issued the owner with a revised fire certificate limiting the safe capacity to just 100 people
  • A planning Enforcement Notice and associated Stop Notice requiring the premises to be only used between 8am and midnight Mon-Sat and to be closed entirely on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
  • A second planning Enforcement Notice and Stop Notice to prevent the use of the premises as a club, wine and cocktail bar and music and dance hall.
  • Noise abatement orders have been served under powers in the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and the Noise Act 1996

The venue does not have planning permission to operate as a nightclub or to open beyond midnight Monday to Saturday. It sought a planning permission for longer hours which was refused by the Council in December 2010. Although the club could appeal against the latest enforcement orders, it will have to comply by 5th October and theoretically could stay open. But beyond that date, failure to do this could lead to a prosecution. Similarly, the club owners could be prosecuted by the fire authorities if more than 100 people are admitted to the club.

Cllr Paul Convery adds “Islington Council is also considering a formal review of the venue’s drink, dancing and music licence. The Labour majority on the Council’s licensing committee has overturned the previous Lib Dem administration’s soft policies and has recently begun to apply much stricter decisions. On review, it has recently struck-down several previously granted licences.”

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