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ASBO bans 16 year old boy from Bemerton estate

May 8, 2012

Teenagers  from different parts of the Borough have recently begun to congregate on the Bemerton estate

A prolific offender in the Caledonian area has been served with a two year Anti Social Behaviour Order.

The 16 year old boy regularly subjected local residents to abuse and various levels of anti social behaviour.

Caledonian Safer Neighbourhoods team with co-operation from Islington Council’s anti-social behaviour team was able to secure an ASBO banning him from entering the Bemerton Estate for the next two years.

Police Constable Rowena Dark from Caledonian Safer Neighbourhoods team said: “We are very happy with this result; this young man has been involved in various levels of criminality. I hope that this ASBO brings some peace to the residents in the Bemerton Estate who have tolerated his unacceptable behaviour for so long.”

Cllr Paul Convery added “Securing this ASBO was only made possible by the co-operation and support of residents on the Bemerton estate. With the police, Islington Council is determined to stamp-out anti-social behaviour and criminality. There is an emerging problem in our area with a new generation of young people getting drawn into anti-social behaviour. We will take action against the worst offenders and do our best to pursuade parents and others to keep their kids on the right track”

Defeating crime and anti-social behaviour is the main topic at the next Team Cally Ward Partnership public meeting on 23rd May at 7pm in the Jean Stokes Community Centre on the Bemerton Estate.

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