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Bill Millett honoured in Islington Mayor’s civic awards

March 17, 2012

Bill pictured after receiving his award from the Mayor of Islington, Cllr Phil Kelly on March 15th

Cally Councillors were delighted to successfully nominate Bill Millett for one of the Mayor’s civic awards at a Town Hall ceremony on Thursday evening.

Bill is a fine example of great public and community service.  He served in the Navy during World War II and spent his career working for Metropolitan Water Board.  In 1974, Bill was the first person to get his keys and move into the Westbourne Estate, where he has lived ever since.

When he retired, Bill worked tirelessly as Chair of the Westbourne Tenants and Residents Association for many years, as well as chairing the Housing Panel, the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, being a leading member of the Islington Veterans Association and the Sea Cadets, and is still the chair of the Westbourne Community Centre Board.

As chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, Bill took his role very seriously, and would patrol the Westbourne at 1am with a torch, making sure the estate was safe.

Cllr Charlynne Pullen said “I met Bill first at the Westbourne Community Centre because he runs my surgery. At our councillor induction, someone mentioned ‘council protection’ could come and help with our surgeries.  Well every month, Bill sets out the sign, arranges the forms, shepherds people in to see me, and works as the protection at my surgery.”

“Bill’s had a difficult year, and although he’s already got an MBE, I hope this shows Bill how grateful we are for all that he has done and all he has yet to do, and how much of a difference he has made to Islington and the Westbourne in particular.

So thank you to Bill, an inspiring example of public and community service, and a true Westbourne legend.”

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