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Papeos nightclub – enforcement action to continue

April 13, 2011

Pappeos nightclub at 169-171 Caledonian Road

Planning enforcement action is underway to prevent the venue known as “Pappeos” (at 169 Caledonian Road) from operating as a nightclub. Why? Because people live above, next door and opposite to this venue. And it’s loud. Very loud.

We first described the problems at this venue in February 2010 when the operators were using a loophole in the legislation to bypass the usual requirements to hold a license for music and alcohol sales. Then in early Summer last year, the operators managed to wangle a license out of the Council but a few days later they went out of business when the landlord issued an eviction.

The same operators mysteriously re-appeared in November 2010 and sought a planning application to extend the hours to 4am at weekends. Just before Christmas this was refused and a temporary stop order was issued by the Council to block parties over the holiday period.

But this is not just about the hours of operation. The venue does not have a valid planning permission. It is only permitted for use as “cafe/bar, banqueting suite with dancing, meetings and conferences”. This is technically known as Use Class A3.

It does not have permission for Use Class A4 “Drinking establishments – Public houses, wine bars or other drinking establishments”. And it definitely does not have permission to be used as a “Nightclub” which is another use class altogether.

The operators themselves admit the premises are being used as a “wine and cocktail bar”. But it also very obvious the venue is operating on some evenings as a nightclub. The operator when seeking a licence last year verbally conceded that the music, dance and alcohol licence was sought for “nightclub” use. The venue therefore does not have planning permission either to operate as a wine bar or as a club with live music.

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